Local Weather: Forecast & Current Conditions

Current Conditions:
Current weather and isobars map (no ads - Weather Channel)
Northeast (daytime) satellite cloud pictures
Current conditions near Ellenville, NY
Current conditions at Bradley Airport, CT
Current conditions at Albany, NY
Current conditions at Springfield, VT
Current conditions at any airport in the US
Northeast current radar
Forecast Conditions:
Mid-day Forecast US Weather Map (the big picture)
Today and 5 day predicted wind map
Hartford, CT forecast
Claremont, NH forecast
Winds Aloft forecast for various airports
CONNECTICUT Soaring Forecast (good after 9 AM ET)
Today's soaring forecast( after 9 AM EDT ,use Albany RAOB station, enter a hi temp)
Rolan's Pilot's Soarcast for the east coast
NOAA Winds and Temps Aloft graph out to 24 hours - predicts cloudbase by clicking on expected hi temp at ground level.
Dr. Jack's BLIP Map Univiewer (requires free registration)
(An excellent source for soaring weather !!)

NOAA Albany Technical Weather Discussion

Long Term Forecasts:
Cape Cod - Wellfleet 10 day forecast
Complete 16 Day Forecast for Ellenville NY
Complete 16 Day Forecast for Springfield, VT (Morningside and Ascutney)

Past Conditions:
Archived daily upper air data
Archived Hourly satellite pictures!

Local Airport Codes:
Binghampton, NY -- BGM
Bradley International (Hartford, CT) -- BDL
Brainard-Hartford, CT -- HFD
Danbury, CT -- DXR
Meriden, CT -- MMK
Monticello, NY -- MSV
Montgomery, NY -- MGJ
Newburg, NY -- SWF
North Adams, MA -- AQW
Oxford-Waterbury, CT -- OXC
Providence, RI -- PVD
Rochester, NY -- ROC
Springfield, VT -- VSF