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Have you ever had dreams of flight? If the concept of having your own personal wing, on which you can fly for hours without a motor, appeals to you then come visit us at a meeting, at Talcott mountain or contact one of the schools about where you can learn to fly hang gliders or paragliders and join us in the air, because...
You Can Do This... YOU CAN FLY !
Join us for dinner at George's Pizza in the center of Unionville, CT on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm.
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Soaring Talcott Mountain in Simsbury, CT
Jon Atwood has created a nice video showing what it is like to soar the rising air in front of Talcott Mountain on a warm summer evening.

2017-06-28 Talcott from Jon Atwood on Vimeo.

April trip to Wallaby/Quest/Seminole Lake with Wayne, Holli, Mark, Kevin, Larry, Deane and "G"

Beautiful Florida scenery looking south from Wallaby towards Winter Haven.

The intersection of Route 27 and Deen Still road looking north from cloudbase!

The Florida turnpike crosses the great open plain north of Quest.

Photos by Deane

Aerotowing is BIG in New England!

Where: Tanner-Hiller Airport in New Braintree, Massachussets
When: Most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting.
Single tows or rides available for you fun seekers. Call ahead...
Click here for web site

Click the Cool Stuff button below to see a Motorized Glider Cart by Peter Brocket

Typical XC pictures flying the Ellenville to Connecticut route.

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