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Hang gliding is the best kept secret in the world of outdoor activities. It is a beautiful combination of athletic sport, nature and science. Also it is much safer than you think. Have you have had dreams of flight? If the concept of having your own personal wing, on which you can fly for hours without a motor, appeals to you then contact one of the schools about where you can learn to fly hang gliders or paragliders and join us in the air, because...
You Can Do This... YOU CAN FLY !
Join us for dinner at George's Pizza in the center of Unionville, CT on the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm.

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CHGA's primary site, Talcott Mountain and the famous Heublein Tower
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Soaring Talcott Mountain in Simsbury, CT
Jon Atwood has created a nice video showing what it is like to soar the rising air in front of Talcott Mountain on a warm summer evening. Thanks, Jon.

2017-06-28 Talcott from Jon Atwood on Vimeo.

Mike Robertson conducts Winch towing clinic at Good Hill airstrip

The Paul Yarnell winch was made around 1980 and recently donated to the club by Ben Davidson!

Michael Robertson, towing expert, imparts his knowledge to the group.

Peter Brocket brought an old quad back to life for use as a Fast little rope chaser. Worked well!

The Pilots and crew!

Photos by Jon Atwood and Deane Williams

Larry Graves launches VIDEO
Kevin Byler starts a 20 min. flight VIDEO

We hope this will be the beginning of a whole new method of getting airborne on those light wind days.
The Good Hill manager was very enthusiastic about us being there.

Aerotowing is BIG in New England!

Where: Tanner-Hiller Airport in New Braintree, Massachussets
When: Most Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting.
Single tows or rides available for you fun seekers. Call ahead...
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Typical XC pictures flying the Ellenville to Connecticut route.

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