Flying Site History -- Sites opened by the CHGA (updated 2020)

Talcott Mountain, 650 foot WNW face. - Our primary site located above Nod Road in Simsbury, CT. It is a state park. Still active. Land only in the designated field. The polo field is not to be used. See the diagram (insured by CHGA)*
Brace Mountain, Not controlled by CHGA. 1500 foot W face west of Salisbury, CT. A 1 hour hike-in with a 300 foot climb. Now a flight park. Primarily used by paragliders.... more info

Historical Sites - now overgrown and closed
West Rock, 250 foot SSE face.
Meriden Mountain, 550 foot NW face, located in Southington, CT
Race Mountain, 1400 foot SE face, in Mount Washington, Mass. 1 hour hike-in.
Mount Everett, in Mount Washington, MA, a 1 hour hike-in, 1900 foot NE face.
Sharon Mountain, 500 foot N face in Sharon, CT overlooking Lime Rock race track. The ramp was removed by the state due to lack of site use.
Chauncy Peak, 350 foot S face in Meriden, CT.
Seascape Inn at N. Truro, Cape Cod, 80 ft. WSW dune ridge 2 miles long. The Seascape has been sold, demolished and homes are constructed on the site.

* Safety Note: Talcott is a dangerous, sheer cliff launch. A CL endorsement is required for hang glider pilots. There have been no successful paraglider launches (and several attempts) at this site so paraglider flight is strongly not recommended there. THINK SAFETY FIRST.